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Message from K.C., founder of PlayDays

Posted by K.C. Frogge on July 9, 2012 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (5)

Hello Play Pals,

I'm still fighting to return from a kidney illness that's not quite over yet, and hope to be able to develop and launch some new activities sometime this fall, including:

a few leisure bike rides including another Victorian Homes Ride in Alameda

a group swim or two (especially when our really warm summertime starts in September and October)

another Danz Urasoff before the Thanksgiving holiday

and a beach volleyball party on Crown Beach in Alameda. 

Of course, there will be other suggestions we can implement, and it would be great to have your input. 

I have my final scheduled surgery on August 16th and hope to be fully recovered by mid-to-late September.  It has been very frustrating to be on medical disability and restricted from everything I normally take for granted:  driving, active play, doing normal chores around the house, etc. 

And not just the physical toll hurts here... the fiscal toll has been daunting as well, but with help from friends and just being plain frugal, I've managed to weather the storm so far.  (Just wait until the final bills start rolling in from my emergency surgery 2 weeks ago and the final surgery in August. 

The numbers are numbing to say the least, but as long as I pay something every month, and it will take years and years to pay it all off, at least I'm alive and that's what counts. 

Going from just "alive" to "well" is the goal here, and once I'm feeling well enough to play again, I'll be back to join you all once more in a few short months. 

If you'd like to contact me, you can e-mail me at [email protected] or use the internal e-mail within our network here (member to member -- click on my member profile and click on "e-mail"). 

Remember, if you have some new suggestions on activities you and others might enjoy sharing with other Play Pals, please let me know and together, we can coordinate and make it happen!

-- K.C.

"So... what would you little maniacs like to do first?"

Posted by K.C. Frogge on May 1, 2012 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

"So... what would you little maniacs like to do first?"

That's hilarious quote from the movie "Weird Science" uttered by Kelly LeBrock,  after a nerdy pair of best friends (Gary and Wyatt) use their computer to create their dream girl.  The next step was to figure out what amusements they wanted to experience with such a dazzling creation. 

The same goes here with PlayDays, in a more outdoorsy and athletic way.  We're having wonderful weather now after a "weird science" winter, and the question remains, "So... what would you little maniacs like to do first."

We're now playing regularly-scheduled tennis and basketball on alternate Saturdays, and  trying to roust the softball junkies back onto our softball meadow at Crown Beach, yet somehow the body count isn't up there yet to really have a good time with a large, game-ready group. 

Are YOU interested in some ball playing?  If so, check in by e-mailing our communications coordinator Kara to be counted in so we can plan more ballplaying dates on Saturday mornings.  If we have enough, we'll begin our regular play sessions of 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month for softball, and every 2nd and 4th Saturdays for tennis and basketball (where there was a fantastic turnout on April 27th, when we filled two doubles tennis courts and played 2 on 2  basketball). 

And more importantly, the adminstrators want YOUR suggestions for activities.  Send your requests to [email protected] (name it, and if there's enough interest, we'll have someone coordinate getting it started and put it on the calendar. I'm still on medical absence and plan to be back in the mix soon, but until then, we have several coordinators able to take on planning and running any new activities. 

There's so many low-cost and free activities we can do, so the sky's the limit for suggestions.  If you run it up the flagpole, we'll see how many salute it. 

Enjoy spring,


Founder and Lead Administrator


Posted by K.C. Frogge on January 13, 2012 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Happy New Year, Everyone! 

We've got something really perfect for the new year... and it's FREE! 

Join Nathalie Huerta, the owner and head fitness trainer at The Perfect Sidekick on either Friday, January 20th from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, or Saturday, January 21st from 1:00 to 2:30 PM for a fitness training seminar designed just for PlayDays members... held at The Perfect Sidekick facilities at Jack London Square, we're going to explore just what fitness training is, how you can use even one training session to boost (and bust) your move into the new year in your own home, and we'll all receive individualized training tips from Nathalie herself. 

All you need to do is sign up!  E-mail me at [email protected] to reserve your spot, as they are going fast).  Check the "Calendar" for either day and all the info is right there!  I'll be at both the Friday and Saturday events, so come join me as I make my dive into personal training (I'm retaining TPS to coach me back to sanity), and they'll offer you a "perfect" discount if you decide it's just for you!

From the "THIS WILL REALLY BOWL YOU OVER" department: 

Our fabulous Play Pal, Kara, who you likely know from softball and tennis, is our BOWLING COORDINATOR, and she's put togther some fab bowling days already... so if you're into bowling (and I know there are many of you who either have bowled or would like to), watch out for Kara's bowling event announcements.  They usually bowl at Alameda's AMF South Shore Lanes at Park and Shoreline... and the last event drew 16 women, so you know it's going to be fun!

From the "WHERE AM I?" department:

Just the other day, I was feeling a bit confused because my mental compass was telling me we live in L.A., not the Bay Area... because the weather we've been experiencing is more like Tujunga than Temescal... more like Anaheim than Alameda... more like... oh heck, I'm sure you get it.  Temps in the '60s in JANUARY fer cryin' out loud! 

It's confusing because we're in this "winter mindset" that says we can't schedule outdoor activities... or CAN we?  I've wanted to schedule some outdoor items, but like the eternal metaphor, just when you've "washed that car," it starts to rain.  Jinx, maybe? 

Now that the holidays are over and everyone's over that "Thanksgiving-to-New Year's Royal-Gorge-Yourself Eat-a-thon", you'd think scheduling a bike ride in weather like this would be fabulous. 

I thought about it... even twice... and then our own co-coordinator and Play Pal member Becky got totally burned out of her apartment at the complex where we play ping-pong and pool (and tennis when it's nice).  Holy cow!  They turned the Rec Center into the temporary Leasing Office, and Becky says when they're done cleaning up the real leasing office, we can have the Rec Center back for our hearty and fast games of ping-pong. 

I'm happy to report to all of you that Becky has been moved into her new apartment (same complex, different building), and because of the fantastic generosity of friends and strangers alike, she's got all the furniture and household things she needs for a great new chapter... THANK YOU to all of you Play Pals for donating your muscle for moving her in, your donations of all things necessary to function in a modern society, and for your financial contributions and just plain well-wishes to keep her going!  Becky wants to personally thank all of you who helped in this time of need for her, so you'll be hearing from her soon. 

In the meantime, getting back to warm L.A.-style weather, I'd thought about scheduling something during this "beach-blanket barometer" temp-a-cheer, and now it looks like rain may be coming next week.  Drat!  But if the weather is still somewhat cooperative, would anyone like to go for a leisure bike ride on Bay Farm Island (a longer one than before, say about 5 miles?)  Let me know if you're up for it. 

And, who's in the mood for another round of "Danz Urasoff," the fun fitness dance that gets you dancin' to your favorite hits from the '60s to the '00s over 5 hours of "drop-in, tune-in, movin', groovin' and heart-pumpin'" vibes at the Sandpiper Community Clubhouse in San Leandro?  It's always FREE if you like (donations from the sales of our bottled water and diet caffeine/no-caffeine sodas help fund the dance, as well as donations to our "keep it going" box if you care to donate these days).  If I hear enough "let's do it" comments, I'll set up another one before Spring. 

Until later, let's hope for more sunshine and 60's temps (with a maybe rain at night sprinkled in to alleviate a drought).

-- K.C.


Posted by K.C. Frogge on November 15, 2011 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (1)


It won't be easy spending time out in our "GYM WITH A BIG, BLUE CEILING" because the weather is beginning to play a significant factor in our regular outdoor playtime. 

That fact notwithstanding, we're working on more indoor play options, and would like you to submit your ideas for indoor PlayDays!

We've already started an "every other Thursday" BOWLING NIGHT at the AMF PARK BOWL in Alameda on the same night they have the LGBT league, so we're already in good company.  They have a special right now called "DOLLARMANIA" where you pay a $5.00 cover charge, and then bowling, shoes and hot dogs are only $1.00 each!  Join us every other Thursday (except we're not meeting on Thanksgiving, but the following Thursday) at 7PM.  We bowl until we're finished no matter what the time is. 

I'm going to join in with this bowling group, and it's been suggested by Becky, and seconded by everyone else, that we call ourselves the "PlayPins".  We may even get matching bowling shirts just for the fun of it, and I'm already looking at purchasing my own pair of bowling shoes after having given up the sport (and my ball, bag and shoes) 20 years ago after a motorcycle accident... but my wrist is healed enough that I can probably use a lighter ball and "throw a few lines wit da gals!"

We're still hoping some of you will continue to come to South Shore Beach & Tennis Club for Ping-Pong on Tuesday evenings from 7-9, and don't forget to bring your pool cue because they have 2 pool tables there (the cues they have are always broken because someone keeps knocking the tips off, so if you have a cue of your own, bring it on!). 

It's also time to hone those batting skills in some indoor facilities, so in addition to Triple Play in San Leandro, there's also a new place in Fremont/Union City that's a lot cheaper.  We'll figure out a day and time for that new place and announce it on the calendar and through our e-mail network. 

Danz Urasoff has been requested again, so I'll try to get one going before the Christmas holiday.  5 hours of dance music chosen by YOU always makes for a great fitness and fun dance time, and with it's continued tradition of Sunday afternoon/evenings ending at 9PM, it's a great way to top off the weekend and give some spring to your Monday morning. 

Also, on dry days, a good leisure bike ride is always nice... suggestions for scenic rides that don't require road-race endurance are welcome.  I'm hoping some of you will be able to join me in Alameda on Bay Farm Island for our first "Ride Off That Turkey!" tour of the shoreline paths of Alameda's "OTHER" island.  Check the calendar for Thanksgiving Day for details.  3PM, I'm riding with or without you (unless it's raining, of course). 

Walking some beautiful paths with memorable scenery is also a hopeful addition for the winter... how about a caravan (carpool, of course) to Muir Woods in Marin County for a lovely walk along redwood leaf-strewn paths with bubbling streams alongside providing a quiet soundtrack for a canopied spendor?  January may be a good time for this one. 

If you have a favorite indoor activity (or an outdoor one that doesn't require a field that needs to stay dry), e-mail me (K.C.) at [email protected] and suggest some new ways to get the Play Pals together during the fall/winter off-season. 


Posted by K.C. Frogge on August 11, 2011 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (2)

It's said that if you exercise three times a week, you're doing alright.  We give you four a week if you like 'em all.  Check our "Calendar" (click the yellow link above) for detailed information on each event.  Please e-mail K.C. at [email protected] if you plan to come to any of our PlayDays events and would like some instructional coaching, and we'll make sure someone is there to help you!

Some people ask why we have most of our events in Alameda.  It just turns out that Alameda is easy to get to from almost any East Bay city (centralized north to south), and it's known for its safe environments, access to clean parks and beaches, free parking, and friendly inhabitants.  When you feel safer and more welcome, you're more likely to participate in activities in those places.  And with the exception of the golf range, all activities are FREE!  (The only expense at the range are the inexpensive buckets of balls (see below)... the range itself is free from fees.)

Mondays -- Golf Practice at Chuck Corica Driving Range, Alameda (bucket prices:  $5 for 33 balls, $7 for 66 balls and $9 for 99 balls -- best deal for two is split a large bucket so each has 44-45 balls for $4.40 each!)  Loaner clubs are also available for those without... see the range office attendant and ask for a short iron (7 to 9), a mid-iron (5 or 6), and a driver (1 to 3) for best overall comprehensive results. 

K.C. and others are available for informal instruction... you'll get help with stretching techniques for no-pain practice, proper grip, body alignment, stance, understanding the differences between club numbers and clubface angles, and how different body parts play key roles in a smooth swing and forward trajectory.  All beginners welcome, advanced players come and work on your swing with us... or even volunteer to "coach" as you go.  

Tuesdays:  Ping-Pong and Billiards at South Shore Beach & Tennis Club.  Did you know table tennis (ping-pong) is a terrific workout if you learn to sustain rallies back and forth?  One can burn up to 800 calories an hour in a spirited match, and it's not uncommon for perspiration to break out on even moderate movement.  This is a good thing for everyone who wants a bit of cardio in a leisure workout.  We have 6 nice red/black smooth rubber-face paddles and plenty of balls for everyone who comes to play with us at this beautiful recreation center in Alameda near Crown Beach. 

Thursdays:  Tennis and Basketball at South Shore Beach & Tennis Club.  At the same complex where we play Tuesdays for ping-pong, there is also a fairly nice four-court tennis complex plus a separate two-goal basketball-only court for getting your game on.  From total beginners to experienced tournament players, there's someone for everyone to play with.  We also have two very experienced teacher/players who will be happy to show you the ropes (er, racquets) of the game, and teach you how to hit a consistent forehand or backhand stroke and return the ball over the net and keep it in play.  We have two players who were total beginners a few weeks ago, and they're now playing pretty respectable full-game/set matches with our group.  And, tennis is a great way to get good cardio workouts while playing a fun activity, and it does't feel like it's a workout, either, when you're having a great time. 

Saturdays:  Softball Scrimmage at Crown Beach Meadow, Alameda.  There's a nice, big grassy meadow right next to Lower Washington Park where we lay down our bases, pitching rubber and home plate, and enjoy "stretching it out" to play catch, practice fielding grounders and flies from our experienced "coaches", and then take turns having batting practice with live pitching (slow-pitch softball).  Each player gets 10 legitimate hits (foul balls don't count) before re-taking a field position and the next player coming in to bat.  It's a great way to keep your skills fresh.  Again, if you're a beginner, we'll also be glad to coach you in the fundamentals of throwing, catching, fielding and batting... believe me, we've had rank beginners who can now throw well, catch without dropping the ball, and hit with accuracy... whoever said an old dog can't learn new tricks hasn't been to PlayDays softball (or any of our other activities!).

We also have other activities on a less-frequent but still regular basis.  Our recent Danz Urasoff 2 (fun fitness dance) on July 24th was a huge success and we look forward to having Danz Urasoff 3 sometime in October.  There will be more leisure bike rides to come this fall (our last being the Alameda Victorian Homes Bike Tour back in November 2010). 

There will be SWIMMING during the "Indian Summer" months (SEPT/OCT) as well. The East Bay Pride Picnic coming up on August 20th, (organized by GLOBE and Lavender Seniors and sponsored by, among others, KCF Designs), is a fun way to get in some beach swimming and enjoy networking and meeting new friends.  That will be one day when we have two events, softball and swimming, and as there will be a choice, we'll have co-coordinators for each one so you can choose what you like. 

(The Pride Picnic has reserved the entire shelterhouse at Cull Canyon in Castro Valley -- part of the East Bay Regional Park Network -- and it's $3.50 for entrance to the swim park... parking for your car is free.) 

There's been talk of a "beach volleyball" game at Crown Beach, so we'll also be looking at planning a special picnic and volleyball game in the near future.  If you have other suggestions on activities that would be of interest to women 40+, I look forward to your suggestions... e-mail K.C. at [email protected] with your comments. 

We look forward to seeing you... many of our Play Pals are now great friends, but we never knew one another before our association and participation with PlayDays. 

"A body in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside force." -- Sir Isaac Newton

("That outside force is lethargy and laziness."  -- K.C.)


Posted by K.C. Frogge on July 12, 2011 at 5:53 PM Comments comments (0)

Our 2nd "DANZ URASOFF" event is almost here! 

Sunday, July 24, 4-9PM

Come early, come later, in-between or for it all! 

Dance to your favorite hits from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s, and you can VOTE for the songs you want included! 

See our Calendar listing for "Danz Urasoff" on July 24 for full details... you need to RSVP to K.C. in order to be counted in. 

You'll receive an official Evite with the song surveys linked in to participate. 

Dance YOUR way to the music YOU love, and let your body decide how it wants to move! 

Come have fun with us and it won't even feel like a "work"out... it'll be playtime heaven! 

We had over 50 women at our inaugural March 6th Danz Urasoff and, through our post-event survey, it was almost unanimous that everyone had an incredibly great time!


Posted by K.C. Frogge on April 18, 2011 at 7:47 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi Play Pals,




TONIGHT (MONDAY): Golf Practice at the Chuck Corica Driving Range, Alameda


I will be at the range tonight unless it is RAINING... a light mist won't keep me from going, as the stalls are covered. Golfers, how about coming out and keeping me company? We can all hit a bucket of balls and help each other get our swings de-rusted from winter hibernation. Warm weather is coming very soon, and that means hitting the courses and having to play for REAL... practice is a great way to get your swing back into shape.


BEGINNERS? What better way to learn than to come to the range and give it a shot? Don't have clubs? I have 2 sets of used clubs if you e-mail me to reserve one... I'll bring 'em with me.


If you have clubs you'd like to donate (maybe buying new clubs and have a spare set now), I'd be happy to receive them for new beginning golfers to borrow.


PING-PONG and POOL TUESDAYS: We meet at the fabulous Recreation Center at South Shore Beach & Tennis Club in Alameda. If you plan to come, e-mail K.C. before 3PM the day of event and give your car's YEAR, MAKE and MODEL, and you will be permitted to park in the Rec Center's garage on ground level beneath the building stairtower. Otherwise, just park on Westline (right outside the complex on Shorepoint Court) and walk about 50 yards to the Rec Center on the right. Details in Calendar.


TENNIS & BASKETBALL -- THURSDAY, APRIL 14th, 7:00 PM -- in Alameda!


Okay, to make this extra special for you all, I just purchased six new cans of tennis balls and a brand-new leather basketball for our use. The basketball is a 28.5" circumference ball, whereas a full-size basketball is 29.5" circumference. This one-inch difference around the whole ball doesn't sound like much, but for our slightly smaller women's hands, it will make the difference between total control in your touch shooting and just being a little bit too big to really handle. I love it, and so will you!


If you have your own basketball, just bring it... the more balls, the merrier. The basketball court has two goals, so if several women come to shoot, you can either have practice hoop shooting or even go 3-on-3 or more if you like, full-court.


See the Calendar listing on April 21st for locating the tennis courts (4 courts, plus a squash court and full basketball court). It's located at the intersection of Shorepoint Court and Shell Gate Pl (an incline driveway that leads to a visitor parking lot.


IF YOU E-MAIL K.C. BEFORE 3PM THE DAY OF EVENT, AND GIVE YOUR CAR'S YEAR, MAKE AND MODEL, YOU CAN PARK IN THE TENNIS COURTS' PARKING GARAGE... Otherwise, just park on Westline at Shorepoint Court and walk less than 75 yards to the courts. You'll see several bright day-glo orange tape arrows to guide you to the tennis courts. You will need to bring your own tennis racquet since PlayDays does not provide these. I do have one extra racquet should you not have one and want to borrow one for the evening, but I don't know if there are any others with extra racquets. If you have a racquet you'd like to donate to PlayDays for women who may not have one, I will be happy to receive it on your behalf and keep it in the PlayDays equipment inventory.


Everyone participating in these invitation-only events at South Shore Beach & Tennis Club will need to sign in every week which includes a waiver of liability holding harmless the Club, our resident member who lives there, PlayDays, and its organizers and members from injury, damage or loss of person or property for each member.


I look forward to seeing you for these events! Call me at (510) 301-9516 if you have problems finding the areas or have any questions. It's actually very easy to find once you get there.


SOFTBALL SATURDAYS at CROWN BEACH MEADOW (see Calendar for details):


The weather is supposed to be partly cloudy and cool, but no rain in the forecast. So please do come plan to join us and swing into spring with the women of PlayDays in our "Saturday Softball Scrimmage." We had a great turnout last Saturday!


P.S. We have a film producer who wants to do a documentary about PlayDays, and how women over 40 have some fun options to stay healthy, happy, have fun and enjoy comraderie with other women over 40 this year. As we get more into spring and summer activities, she will want to have some footage of us participating in our various events and do some interviews with some of the Play Pals. I am happy that she thinks highly enough of our mission and organization to want to document our wonderful group of women. Please plan to be an important part of this development as we move further into our better weather and enjoy more activities.


Of course, it will greatly help to have co-coordinators step forward to get started planning and organizing with me new activities that women would like to participate in. I have some special gifts for those who volunteer to become co-coordinators... a special watch with women's sports depicted on them. There are 10 available. The first 10 women who volunteer to co-coordinate sports and activities we actually put on our calendar and get responsive attendance for will receive one.


This will be a fantastic year once we really get into the groove! I'm feeling it! Are you?


Oh, and another amazing Danz Urasoff is also in the works... stay tuned!


Let's continue to have a fabulous 2011 together!




Posted by K.C. Frogge on April 7, 2011 at 5:13 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi All,

We just got started with softball last week, and this week we HAVE to cancel it for just this one week...

There's a city-sponsored Easter Egg Hunt going on at Crown Beach (and that means our meadow will also be used for kids to find Easter eggs).  I confirmed it with the Alameda Parks and Recreation Dept., who definitely said our meadow will also be used for the hunt. 

Not only that, but... PARKING WILL BE A NIGHTMARE everywhere along Westline, 8th Street, Otis, etc. for BLOCKS, enough to make it very aggravating for our players to find a spot for their cars, hike a quarter- to half-mile and then take their frustrations out by maybe hitting the ball TOO hard... and maybe hurt someone. 

We'll take this week off, then meet up again at Crown Beach Meadow on Saturday, April 16th at 11AM. 

Hopefully all you new players who showed up will get this... I'll also e-mail to everyone who signed in on the roster sheet last week. 


"GETTING INTO THE SWING" of our Softball thing!

Posted by K.C. Frogge on April 3, 2011 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It was a GORGEOUS day Saturday (April 2) as we kicked off our 2nd year of PlayDays fun with our "Saturday Softball Scrimmage"... 13 of us showed up, and it was a very lucky number indeed! 

All who participated had a wonderful time -- Meredith, Nancy, Bea D., Becky, Zoe, Kara, Rene, Val, Amy, Helen, Donna, Bea A. and K.C. -- and those of us who were 2010 PlayPals met three new PlayPals for 2011.

We played a fun scrimmage game I like to call "1-2-3", where everyone counts off "1, 2, 3" around a circle until everyone is assigned to one of three "squads".  The "ones" get to bat first while the "twos" and "threes" play the field with real pitching.  The "ones" bat around until they record three outs, and everyone runs when a ball is hit.  After three outs, the "ones" go to the field and the "twos" come in to bat, with the "threes" staying in the field.  This continues until every squad gets a few turns, or until our two-hour time limit is up, whichever comes first. 

We actually played just beyond our normal 1:00 finish time because we had so much fun, and many of us were a bit sore from our first time out... but rest, ice, massage and some MaxFreeze* gel always gets us al back to normal quickly.

We know there are more of you out there who love to throw, catch and hit a softball, so regardless of when you jump in, just come and have a "ball" with us.  We ARE a fun bunch, and have a great time at whatever skill level we happen to be at! 

A couple of photos from our "Opening Day 2011" are on the "Photos" page... click on "Saturday Softball Scrimmage" to view. 

NEW DATES AND PLACE FOR PING-PONG + TENNIS (same location in Alameda - FREE!)

Posted by K.C. Frogge on April 3, 2011 at 5:49 PM Comments comments (0)

Thanks to one of our core members, we now have a new place to play BOTH ping-pong (table tennis) and regular tennis, and it's FREE!

Check the Calendar for "Table Tennis Tuesdays" and "Thursday Tennis"... both located at the Shoreline Beach and Tennis Club Residential Complex in Alameda. 

For Google Maps, the Recreation Center is located at 928 Shorepoint Ct. in Alameda, and the Tennis Courts are located just uphill from the driveway on Shell Gate Place at Shorepoint Ct., about 75 yards further up Shorepoint Ct. from the Rec Center.  With 6 courts, the tennis complex will provide ample opportunity for us to get out and play.  And the best thing?


Both events start this week!  Table Tennis starts Tuesday, April 5th, and Tennis starts Thursday, April 7th.  Both weekly evening's events begin at 6:30PM sharp. 

This year, all participants must sign a waiver form releasing Shoreline Beach and Tennis Club, our host who resides there, and PlayDays and its organizers and members, from liability in the event of injury or damage, or loss of participants' property.  All members must sign this waiver before participating in PlayDays events this year.

We haven't yet encountered a problem that prompted this policy, but we are enacting this proactively to indemnify our generous member hosts and host facilities from damage claims that could arise as a result of members' participation and any incidents caused by neglect, intentional misuse, or other causative behavior resulting in such injury, damage or loss.  (Yes, this from someone who works in the legal field.  It protects all of us, so let's use our "guest" personalities and good judgment when indulging in activities on private property we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy.) 

We have ping-pong paddles and balls for our use, but you must bring your own tennis racquet as we have no spare racquets (at least for now).

To see photos of our new home for table tennis and tennis, go to "Photos" and select "Shoreline Beach and Tennis Club" to see the amenities we may be able to use this year, including an outdoor pool for aquarobics (water workouts for those with joint problems) and general water fitness, and basketball (for our "H.O.R.S.E. Hoops" basketball shoot days).  It's right across the street from Crown Beach Meadow where we play our "Saturday Softball Scrimage" every week.