Play Time...It's not just for kids anymore!

About PlayDays


PlayDays - East Bay is a sport-based group for women over 40 who may enjoy active play and exercise with our politely-competitive, friendly group.  Our core weekly outing is every Saturday at 11AM at Crown Beach Meadow, at Robert W. Crown Memorial Beach, part of the beautiful East Bay Regional Parks network. 

We focus on some softball play -- with a loose and fun emphasis.  Starting with a little throw and catch in pairs, rotating every few minutes to play catch with someone different.  Once everyone's warmed up, we take a place on the field to catch some fly balls and grounders from a couple of our more skilled hitters who can make sure everyone gets some balls to catch.  Once we're warmed up in the field, one person goes in to take batting practice from a live pitcher lobbing balls slow-pitch style.  Everyone gets 10 valid hits each, then takes a position out in the field where she wants to play, and another person comes in to hit... that continues until everyone's had a chance to get batting practice.  

If we have a little time left, we might then switch to some touch football (we have orange cones to mark the boundaries), always easygoing and never roughing it up... everyone who wants to play gets to throw or run the ball, and it's "four downs towards a touchdown or give the ball up to the other side to try".  We never keep score, just have fun and enjoy honing our skills. 


PlayDays was started by K.C. Frogge in November, 2009, as a solution to combat the sedentary life of too much computer, too much television, too much junk food, and too much intent to get out and exercise but too little willpower when it came to doing things solo. 

Our first PlayDays group in November drew about 12 women... we played Frisbee, tossed around some softballs with a couple of gloves, threw some Koosh balls around, and generally had a good time getting to know everyone. 

The timing of the first launch of PlayDays was just a tad off -- a couple of weeks after the first get-together, the time change caused the sun to set an hour earlier, and the weather became colder and more blustery.  So we hibernated PlayDays until the first blossoms of spring 2010, and... well, here we are, 2 years later and having enjoyed a fun 2011 spring/summer/fall with softball, golf, tennis, ping-pong, billiards, bowling, bike riding, swimming and even a holiday lights walk.  We're thrilled to have Nathalie Huerta, co-founder and Certified Fitness Trainer for The Perfect Sidekick of Oakland, joining us as our Fitness Training Consultant.  The Perfect Sidekick's website is located in our "Links" section under the "Fitness Training, Coaching" category of resources.   We're planning a Monterey Women's Golf Weekend for the late spring, and we've got several co-coordinators planning to head up a variety of fun activities this coming spring. 

Come spring, there seems to always be of interest in dusting off the ball gloves and breaking out the bats... so softball seems like it will always be one of our favorite activities, just to get out and scrimmage around, hit and field balls, and get in some good throwing time.  But if you want to play other sports, we need you to let us know what you'd like to play, so check out our page with "official" sports listed... those are the ones we're most likely to play if we have enough women step up to be co-coordinators for a sport she may really enjoy.  With some assistance, we can schedule lots of activities because there will be different people assuming some guidance role in getting it on our calendar.  

PlayDays is comprised of women over 40 who want to enjoy sporty play with their women peers to regain health and fitness (or just don't want to lose it) without necessarily joining a league, needing any formal skill credentials or practice regimens.  We believe it's important to move our bodies in rhythmic, spontaneous and purposeful motion so as to enjoy the group dynamic and the personalities that blend in it.  In other words... COME PLAY... HAVE FUN... DON'T WORRY ABOUT YOUR SKILL LEVEL.  If you want to play, we'll always have room for you.  Stick with this group, and we'll have all kinds of outdoor fun that you may just become addicted to.  And that's a happy, healthy habit!

With every passing week, we're attracting more members... more PlayPals!  As of December, 2011, we have 148 members, with 84 members profiled on our "Members" page.  Lots of different ideas and activities are what new members bring to our group... and that's the exciting thing about being part of a group that continues to evolve and grow from participation, word of mouth compliments, and inspiration! Our site is still young and growing, so we're going to have a great ride this spring and summer as we enter our 3rd year as a social and activities group.


As the saying goes, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."  Or as one of my best friends is fond of saying, "Today is the first day of the BEST of your life!"

Please consider becoming a member (it's FREE, no dues!) by clicking on "Register" under MEMBER AREA.  See you at our next PlayDay... check the "Calendar" for all upcoming events... and suggest some ideas using our "Forum" section under "General Discussion" to post a comment or suggestion.  There are questions for which your ideas could be just the answer!

Check "News" for the latest updates and ideas that are hatching... check the "Links" section for incredible resources available to you 24/7... the list is so fabulous you have to explore it for yourself, and you may find so many great resources you could spend all day in there! Check out our song library for our periodic "Danz Urasoff" fun fitness dances, and visit our "Photos" section to see how much fun we've been having. 

 There is no membership fee to use our website, EVER, as our philosophy is generally "educate and feel great".  If we ever have a need to charge a fee for an activity, it's as inexpensive as possible to insure everyone a chance to participate without having to join an expensive gym.  I like to think that overall, our gym has a big blue ceiling and being outdoors is exactly where we should be as often as possible.

Play... explore... make new friends... change your life through fun activities!

See you soon!

Your PlayDays founder and Play Pal,

K.C. Frogge