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"SATURDAY SOFTBALL SCRIMMAGE" starts again April 2nd, 11-1 in Alameda

Posted by K.C. Frogge on March 18, 2011 at 2:23 PM Comments comments (0)

Spring is right around the corner (yes, REALLY, even though the heavy rain forecast for the next three days is a cruel reminder that we have to wait just a little while longer until our "endless summer" arrives).

That means dusting off your glove, pulling out your soccer shoes or other turf shoes for grass, finding your favorite bat, and heading out to Crown Beach meadow in Alameda for the spring renewal of our favorite "Saturday Softball Scrimmage," a fun play day for all skill levels and interest. 

It's for everyone who wants to hit, throw, and catch without the ultra-competitive vibe... we just have a "ball" getting outside on the warm grass and, as I like to say, "stretch it out." 

For the first couple of weeks, we'll just play with the fundamentals and get back to basics so we don't have any injuries, pulls, strains, or bruises. 

Proper stretching and warm-ups go a long way to prevent those problems, so we have links in our "Links" section dealing with proper stretching and warm-ups (under the category "Coaching Tips and 'How-To' sites for activities"). 

Check the "Calendar" section (click the "Calendar" link above) for more information, including location and map link.  Please be on time if possible to keep the progress flowing. 

Everyone will get lots of chances to be "in the action", and we all have a great time.  Bases are provided, you just bring you and your gear and everything will come together smoothly!


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The saying goes, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease," meaning the most repeated and proactive requests usually get fulfilled first regardless of the urgency (or not). 

So we're about to start a new spring of PlayDays activities, and it's all about "YOU".

We play the activities YOU want to play, so if enough YOU's chime in about a specific activity or sport, we'll do everything we can to schedule a date and time that works for as many as possible. 

We have our first Spring pick-up softball scrimmage starting on Saturday, March 26, so bring your glove to Crown Beach meadow in Alameda at 11AM and join us for some stretching, warming-up, throwing, batting, and just playful scrimmage for our first week or few. Every skill level is welcome, and if you need a little brush-up on your skills, we have several women who would be happy to help reacquaint you with the mechanics of your swing, throw, etc. It's all about the fun of movement.

Other activities we're including and are making plans for in the coming warmer seasons include open soccer, touch football, tennis, swimming, golf, leisure bicycling, ping-pong, beach volleyball, a "H-O-R-S-E" basketball hoops shoot-off day, maybe some horseback riding, rafting and kayaking, and of course, another awesome "Danz Urasoff" fitness dance to the hottest hits of the '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s.

Think about the things you would love to do... then squeak your wheel to me at [email protected] and cast your vote.  We're scheduling April for now, so get your opinions and requests in ASAP. 



Are You READY For This? "DANZ URASOFF" is launching March 6th!

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It's getting CLOSER! 

"Danz Urasoff," PlayDays' new fitness dance party, is just a week away on Sunday, March 6th, and everyone's getting excited about our huge vintage music playlist and freestyle dance format. Come early, come later, but we'll have 5 hours of all-hit music and you can stay for the whole event if you love dancing to fabulous music!

We've only got a few RSVP openings left, so there's still time to make a reservation for what promises to be a great time getting a good workout to some of the biggest dance hits of the past 3 decades... in random order, so there's always a surprise around the next dance bend. 

More information on our Calendar link (March 6). 

Want to be a part of our fun and easy fitness "movement"?  Just request to be added to the private guest list and receive an online Evite by sending an e-mail to K.C. at [email protected] by Tuesday, March 1st.

Once registered, you may also participate in an online survey to vote for your "top-40" vintage dance songs by using the survey link at the top of the Evite event description.  The top 40 vote-getting songs will be automatically included in the Danz Urasoff playlist for March 6th.

Oh, by the way... just a little extra spice for the evening:  Our local gal-pal band LIQUID GIRLFRIEND just let us have the scoop on three incredible dance songs from their soon-to-be-released CD, "Playing With Fire."  Come and be one of the first to dance to "If You Wanted Me To," "More Than Precious," and "Run To Me Baby," and you'll be singing them all the way home (Danz Urasoff is honored to be the first event to unveil these sure hits). 

Danz Urasoff is a completely "come as you are" event, so dress to be comfortable (remember, you're working out), and remember to bring a snack or two to enjoy during your workout experience. 

Just remember:  dance is how your body reacts to music that moves you... do it however you like as long as it pleases you! If you need a few ideas and tips on moves that are great for exercise when you dance, go to Jazzercise's official website for videos of all the moves you can use for your core, aerobic, resistance training, and other fitness-related dance moves:

There is no such thing as a "wrong" dance move if you're dancing with yourself.  Be yourself!  Dance like no one is watching. 

See you there?  E-mail K.C. for your Evite invitation.

Saturday morning - Batting Cages @ 10AM - Rain Forecasted

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It's forecasted to be very cold and rainy on Saturday morning, which means outdoor pursuits like bike rides, hiking, etc. may be difficult at best.  So we're meeting again at the batting cages, but this week we're trying it at 10AM because the Triple Play USA location now opens earlier. 

This is a good time because most of the cages start filling up with waiting batters around noon (last week we were able to use slow-pitch cage #2 as a group of 6 Play Pals, but only because we were a big group who was rotating in to hit three rounds each (18 total rounds, which took about an hour).  If we go to the cages at 10AM, we should have NO problem whatsoever getting a cage right away.  If you like softball, you'll love hitting with our group... we all help each other with mechanics and these cages are very nice.  Triple Play also has plenty of loaner bats (clearly marked by length and weight... from 26 to 34 inches long and from 19 to 32 ounces -- I use a 28/34, for instance, but have my own bat... I'd also recommend buying a good pair of batting gloves to help your grip and keep bats from blistering your front side palm (i.e., my left hand since I'm right-handed).  They're easily and affordably available at Sports Authority or Big 5, usually running from $15 to $30 a pair depending on brand and construction. 

Check the calendar for details, location and map. 

Tokens for 18 pitches are $4.00 each, but you can buy 10 for $27.50 and save some for next visit like I do (I usually get 3 weeks of batting practice for that amount, with 3 tokens each time and 4 the last one).  WIN A FREE SESSION!  Just show up for batting practice and your name will be entered in an instant drawing for THREE FREE TOKENS for that week for every week I'm able to attend and we have SIX or more participants... 10AM is the start time, and the drawing will take place at 10:10AM, so be there for your chance to win!

Hope to see you for batting practice... we all had a great time last week, and we're hoping that if enough softball enthusiasts show up (you don't have to be great, you just have to enjoy playing and have a little experience with hitting, throwing and catching), we are looking at forming a "recreational-only" team we can enter "C" or "D" slow-pitch women's tournaments in the Bay Area. 

Come out and take some batting practice and meet some of the other softball enthusiasts of PlayDays each Saturday at Triple Play USA during the remaining winter weeks or whenever it rains. 

2011 PlayDays Organizational Breakfast Meeting - Summary and Results

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Hi Play Pals,

First of all, I'd like to welcome everyone to the 2011 ramp-up of PlayDays with a number of new suggested activities.  I just sent out an online questionnaire will be sending out an online questionnaire today which will assist us greatly in planning and organizing a system where we'll have co-coordinators to help plan, locate, and assess logistics for many of our 2011 activities.  We're still a very young group (at heart as well as time), which will become more definitive and organized as I receive planning help from those who love the activity or sport enough to want to help see its occurrence to fruition and perpetuation.   We all would appreciate any and all of you who would like to learn, get back into, maintain or plan and lead any particular event(s), activity or sport, to help make them happen by spending an hour or so making a great contribution to PlayDays by helping organize it/them.  There will be an opportunity to do that on the online survey I will be sending out today.  

So, on to the meeting. 

A great cross-section group of 10 of us met at High Street Station coffeehouse in Alameda and, though it was raining steadily, three were already there when I arrived.  Of the ten, FIVE were with us for the first time:  Bea D., Debbie K., Jennie V., Rene D., and Diane V.  Two of our group's original members, Becky B. and Rene S. joined me and two other 2010 members, Maureen and Yvette.  

PlayDays is attracting members from all over the Bay Area, as Oakland (2), Alameda (4), San Mateo, El Sobrante, Sunnyvale, and San Francisco were all represented.  

Nine of us expressed our intention or interest to come to the "Danz Urasoff" fitness dance on March 6, and I hope you'll consider joining us... it's moving and toning to the top dance hits of the late '70s, '80s and '90s, everyone "dances" however they see fit (pun intended), and there IS NO wrong way to dance.  As a slogan in the powder room at High Street Station says, "DANCE like no one is watching."  (The dance Evite is a day late because I had computer problems yesterday on Earthlink... it will be sent out today to our members from this PlayDays platform.)

We discussed a number of possible new activities for 2011, and the online survey I will also be sending out today to all members has fields for you to list sports and activities you would definitely like us to make available for options, and whether you'd like to make it more probable with being a co-coordinator.  

Once you become a co-coordinator, you also become a Moderator, which means you can draft announcements and submit ideas which I can then forward to the group regarding your particular sport or activity planning of interest.  

Cumulatively, all the planning takes quite a bit of my time, and I'm happy to do it because it benefits all of us, yet having co-coordinators to assist in some light lifting of one arm of the activity "octopus" to keep the entire weight of all the planning off my shoulders will be a real step in the right direction for all of us to benefit from more ideas and planning resources.  

There may be times when co-coordinators might need to meet in person either at the coffeehouse or at someone's home for planning meetings to discuss time-sensitive matters, but we may be able to do most of it by e-mail through the PlayDays message center.  If you're interested in becoming a co-coordinator for any activity, current or proposed, please indicate so on the online survey.  

Moving on to potential activities we discussed, there were a large number of both athletic and recreational items brought forward:  

1.  "Extreme tidepooling" through  New member Bea D. thought this was a great activity, though you need a wetsuit (provided by Blue Water) in the tidepool waters.  It sounds intriguing and might be a great option for nature and ecology enthusiasts.  

2.  Increased tennis participation in conjuntion with the GLTF and USTA

     (we will have a tennis co-coordinator who will assemble an info notice soon)

      We do play informal tennis already at Campolindo High School's beautiful six blue courts in Moraga on spring and summer evenings, and it's also been suggested by Rene S. that since we have 6 well-maintained courts in Alameda's Lower Washington Park next-door to our softball location at Crown Beach meadow, we could meet at 10AM and play tennis for an hour before softball at 11.  I like the idea, and probably would go for an extra hour when many people aren't out on the courts yet.  

3.  Horseback riding (we have 2 members with horses and more members interested).  One of our members suggested a nearby private ranch where horseback riding could be enjoyed by our group.  I will wait for her to give us more information on it.  

4.  Paddleboarding (like surfing but you stand on the board and use a paddle).  I would assume board surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, kayakers, sailors, snorkelers, scuba divers, etc., could also fit into this "Wave Sports" category.  Indicate your interest on the survey and whether you have other suggestions for Wave Sports.  

5.  Partner Dancing (listing current dance events ongoing outside our group for members' interest -- i will contact the various dance organizers and see if they'd like to post their dances on our calendar with more info). This will also be teamed in one category with the "Danz Urasoff" fitness dance series for individuals (or partners if you want to do fitness dancing as a duo).  

6.  Billiards.  One of our members has 2 pool tables at her new residence complex in Alameda and may invite well-behaved members to play at the clubhouse -- no alcohol.  Also, it's been shared by another member that the Mastick Senior Center in Alameda has several pool tables and it's for "over 50" members.  She suggested a group of us could be her guests to play pool sometime.  If you have other suggestions for low-cost available locations, please let us know on the coming online survey.  

7.  River Rafting.  Several of our members are interested in doing some spring and summer river rafting, and I believe there are several areas with various classifications of difficulty that would be something to consider.  Let us know on the survey if you like this option and where you would like to raft.

8.  Camping.  There are so many choices in the East Bay Regional Park system, Sonoma County, and points beyond that this would likely be a popular option for an overnight excursion.  Make your suggestions on the survey re: locations if interested.  

9.  Skiing.  Yes, there's still plenty of snow still falling in the Sierras (and recently on Mt. Hamilton, Mt. Tam and Mt. Diablo), so skiiers and snowboarders might want to consider this as an occasional group activity.  Thanks to Jennie V. for suggesting making the most of our winters here.  

10.  Self-Defense.  Believe it or not, we have three instructors or instructor-level practitioners of three different martial-arts disciplines who have volunteered to teach PlayDays members.  We just need to find the right place to do them.  Our member Debbie K. is one of the instructors, and we may know more soon about options and availability once we get the opinions of the three.  

11.  Soccer.  Member Jennie V. has also suggested and perhaps volunteered for a co-coordinator position in soccer.  We have a big field already that we use.  Orange cones we have (thanks to original member Bea A.).  So a soccer ball and a few players later, we have a fun game for an hour or two.  Soccer players out there?  Let us know on the survey!

12.  Fencing.  I know... who fences, right?  Well, it's been suggested there is a fencing club in Alameda and we could start with learning to use the epee (lightest of the three basic swords used in fencing).  The other two are the foil (still flexible but more rigid than the epee), and the saber (fully rigid, thicker blade).  Anyone for "en guarde?"

13.  Swimming.  The Richmond Plunge (Municipal Natatorium) at Point Richmond was completely renovated and rededicated in August 2010.  It's a HUGE indoor swimming facility that accommodates a lot of people, sometimes to the point where they have to cut off admission after awhile.  So we're also looking at other options such as the East Bay Parks beaches when the weather gets really warm east of the hills, as well as the Roberts pool at Roberts Park in the Redwood Regional Park off Skyline Blvd. in Oakland.  For "beach" swimming in freshwater, there is Cull Canyon in Castro Valley (large freshwater lagoon with diving platforms, large white sand beach, warm weather and shelter houses for BBQ right next to the lagoon), or Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton (huge former rock quarry with extensive beach and grassy, treed picnic areas.  The shallow-water swim area goes to 5-ft and is roped off with floats.  It's a huge area and fun to play catch with Nerf and Koosh balls, so we can bring pool toys to both of these freshwater beach locales).  It was also brought up that one of our members who recently moved to Alameda has 3 pools in her complex, so we may be able to enjoy those on occasion as well, provided we enjoy them while respecting the other residents' use of  them as well (as goes with using any private facilities where we're invited).  I'm sure we have a stellar group of gals who adhere to this philosophy well.  Hopefully there are many others who enjoy being in the water as much as I do.  

14.  Travel Weekends.  Full activity weekends where we have a specific sport or activity in mind for a fun and active weekend.  

Already, we're making plans for a "Women's Golf on the Monterey Peninsula" weekend in early May, with a short round of 9 holes on Saturday morning near Pebble Beach, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium in the afternoon with dinner on Cannery Row.  Then overnight accommodations at a Pacific Grove location.  Morning checkout will be followed by breakfast on Lighthouse Avenue with 18 holes of golf (with electric cart) at Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Course ending our weekend before the drive home.  Though this may be a bit pricey, it's a complete vacation for golf lovers for under $250 including Saturday night accommodations (per-person, double-occupancy), 2 rounds of golf, Aquarium ticket, dinner and breakfast.  Final planning info for this getaway will be sent out the last week of March and RSVPs/deposits deadline will be April 15th.  8-golfers needed to launch, with a 16-golfer limit on participation.  If interested, contact K.C. at [email protected] for more details.  

We're also considering the Russian River and Yosemite areas for overnight excursions.  Again, if you have suggestions for locations and activities we can enjoy there over a full weekend, please let us know on the forthcoming survey.  

15.  Social Events.  We've had some potluck/game nights last year that were super, so we're probably going to do them again.  Rene S. has hosted a couple so far in Oakland near Alameda, and Rene D. is open to hosting in Sunnyvale (sure, I'll drive to Sunnyvale for a great time with a bunch of fun gals).  Becky B. also suggested we might be able to have a larger gathering at her new place's clubhouse in Alameda.  I have hosted a potluck and movie night at my cozy little bungalow in Oakland for 10, and will likely do it again a time or two later on.  For larger outdoor gatherings, we could also have picnics at any of the East Bay Regional Parks, as well as have picnics with beach swimming at  Cull Canyon or Shadow Cliffs.  

After a solid almost 2 hours of meeting and enjoying breakfast, coffee, tea, and getting to know everyone and making plans for our next activities, we broke camp and six of us went to the Triple Play USA batting cages 10 minutes away in San Leandro near the Oakland Airport.  Got right into Cage #2 for some slow-pitch hitting, and it seemed everyone was right on target, hitting well from the start.  It's a great arm and shoulder workout (not to mention if you hit correctly, your legs and hips will also get a good workout, which will also work on your abs and obliques).  54 pitches later for each of us, we felt we had a good session.  I hope more of you will join us there next Saturday at 10AM for some more hitting.  Yes, not noon... 10AM.  They open early now, and the early bird gets the open cage.  

It was also brought up by Maureen M. and Rene S. that we might have enough softball players that we could form a recreational-league level team (C-D) and perhaps jump into a few recreational women's tournaments in the Bay Area over the summer.  If that interests you, please let me know.  

Finally, it was unanimously agreed that we start our official field play season with our Softball Get-Together Scrimmage at Crown Beach meadow, Alameda (at Otis and Eighth Street, next to Lower Washington Park's tennis courts and dog parks), on SATURDAY, MARCH 26 at 11AM.  

Bring your gloves and bats, batting gloves to protect against palm blisters, comfortable loose and layered clothing, cleats if you have them (soccer shoes will do), to protect from slips in the grass (there is no dirt field here).  It may still be damp, and rain will cancel, but mist will not.  We just want to start up slowly by playing catch, stretching, warming up our muscles to prevent injury, get to know the gals who show up, and get in plenty of field practice before doing batting practice and chasing randomly-hit balls.  

I'm looking forward to receiving everyone's survey answers this week to begin planning our new activities calendar for 2011.  

It's going to be a fun year to be a Play Pal... and welcome aboard to our new season!

If you have any questions or comments that the survey doesn't cover, please e-mail me directly at [email protected] -- no question is too small, no issue too big.  


"Be well, be good... and play like you mean it!"


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Please come and join us as our 2011 Pre-Season Organizational Breakfast Meeting! 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

10:00 - 11:30AM

High Street Station Coffeehouse

1303 High Street (at Encinal Ave.)

Alameda, CA 94501 

Come and relax in "High" style with the Play Pals as we begin planning our calendar of sports and activities for the 2011 year. 

Owners Susan Timmer and Lynda Kretlow offer a wide variety of coffees, teas, lemonade, soft drinks, juices and other beverage favorites to go along with a tasty pastry, fresh seasonal fruit choices or even a sandwich or salad to bolster your energy. 

We want your input because PlayDays is all about YOU being a part of US and vice-versa!   So please come, stand up and be counted... all ideas are welcome and discussed. 

We're especially looking forward to a few women taking the helm on some activities and being co-coordinators -- figuring out a good date, time, facilities, etc. for each activity -- that will work best if I'm not fragmented trying to organize all of them! 

This past first year of PlayDays, we enjoyed softball, kickball, touch football, Frisbee, tennis, golf, ping-pong and leisure bicycling.  Let's plan to do more of those, plus we can add others you want to try or revisit. 

Afterwards, we're heading over to the batting cages at Triple Play just over the line in San Leandro, an easy 10-minute roll down Doolittle Drive from the coffeehouse, for batting practice at NOON. 

BONUS:  Come and participate in the breakfast meeting, then go with us to the batting cages and buy at least two batting cage tokens and I'll give you ONE MORE as a participation bonus... 18 extra pitches for jumping in and joining us!

See you at the breakfast meeting? 



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Hello Everyone...I would like to find out who might be interested in a dancing class of sorts next Sunday the 30th from 1-4pm at Roosters in Alameda.  They are hosting a class which I am told will be $5 for Line dancing.  Not Country Western, but some dances for modern R&B, Salsa...a variety, some of which we can choose.  The instructor enjoys smaller classes so that he can work individually.  So far I know of 4 women who are interested...any other takers?  Since I have not been I do not know a lot about it, but we will see how it goes!


Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.  Thank you, Rene

Great Instructional Warm-Up Videos for Golfers

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Great instructional warm-up videos for golfers...

One of the most important steps in learning to play a sport is to properly warm up and stretch. 

Here is a link to YouTube videos that help you learn proper warm-up techniques to avoid injuring obscure muscles not ordinarily used in other common sports. 

You can also access, separately, four videos in our "Links" section under the "Coaching Tips" category, which I find to be especially relevant to beginning women golfers specifically and to women golfers generally. 

Proper stretching and warming up can mean the difference between having a pain-free game experience and one which you pull a muscle that takes you out of commission for a week or two, only to get rusty from not playing.

Here's the link to the selection of videos (cut and paste the link if it doesn't tke you there when you click it):


"You're Not 21 Anymore!" (Does THIS sound familiar?)

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How many times have you injured yourself in a sport and then been told:

"Remember, you're not 21 anymore."


If I had a nickel for every time I've been told that in the past 20 years, I would have had my house paid off by now and quit my day job. 

But I keep naively, and stubbornly, forgetting that I really AM NOT 21 anymore.

In my brain's memory, I can replay until the end of time those images of myself running effortlessly and swiftly down the campus sidewalks, biking miles and miles without stopping, throwing 30-yard passes to a swiftly moving receiver and dropping it into her outstretched hands seemingly without a sweat; lunging for a tennis ball about to hit the sideline, swinging a bat until I felt like it was a fan blade, and hitting golf balls until the sun dropped like a broken light bulb behind the horizon. 

Those were memories... good ones... but they're not exactly what I'm able to do now. 

Kind of ticks me off.

But I realize time marches on, and not always at the speed we used to be able to parade ourselves. 

So... I just got a hard lesson this week on the importance of warming up, because the muscles we have now in our 40s and 50s (and beyond) are still the same muscles, but they don't always respond the way they used to when our brains tell them to "move it!" 

If you have never heard of something called "Piriformis Syndrome," you may have felt the "pain in the butt" feeling that I described to a chiropractor as being "shot in the ass with a 50-caliber machine gun".  And I likely got it because I thought I was invincible because I've been losing weight, getting into better shape, and my reflexes and reaction times have been getting faster.  Thought I'd warmed up plenty when doing various activities involving flexing, swinging, rotating, etc.

Oops... I guess I didn't do so well at that after all. 

Here's what piriformis syndrome is, just in case you're wondering --

Some of my friends and Play Pals have indicated they have bouts with sciatica... and until now, I didn't realize how debilitating it could be.  But once the piriformis muscle gets twisted and inflamed, it pretty much slams the sciatic nerve into the pelvic bone area and -- BAM!!! -- it's like you've been smacked with a sudden stop sign from doing ANYTHING.  Mid-step?  Nope, can't take the next one.  Walk?  A few steps and then pain, BAD pain.  Rest, then walk again... STOP!  Okay, I give up. 

No, I can't give up... I'm still on my health and fitness journey. 

So... what to do?

First, make certain you completely and comprehensively WARM UP and STRETCH before any physical activity, no matter whether you think it's going to be cruel or cool.  I stretched (but not enough) before hitting 100 golf balls the night before my butt and legs went out on strike. 

Lesson learned. 

Then, if you stretch and still get hit with an injury, get to a chiropractor or doctor as soon as possible so you're not left in the lurch of doing your own self-help treatments, unless you know exactly what to do or live with a nurse or doctor. 

After suffering for two days and limping around like Walter Brennan in The Real McCoys or Festus on Gunsmoke, I decided to seek help.  A chiropractor agreed with my finding that I had piriformis syndrome (I simply typed in "pain in the butt golf swing hip injury" on Google and found my answer in 5 minutes).  She affirmed that it needed manipulation so we did electrical stimulus of the muscles (both sides), followed by the traction table.  I didn't feel any better upon leaving, but was assured that it would feel better in a couple of days or so.  Also, I was advised to take ibuprofen (Motrin) and I had a few 800mg pills still in my medicine cabinet from an earlier script so I took those over the weekend.  I feel a little better, but it will take time to finally get back to normal (whatever "normal" is for me, at least), hopefully in a week or so. 

Also, I got some good advice from women on our list-serve boards, including from two sources:  take a tennis ball, lie on the floor on your side, place the ball directly on the muscle that hurts, then gently roll onto your back over the tennis ball and let the ball "accupressure" the muscle... yes, it HURTS, butt (pun intended) that ball is breaking up the toxins and inflammation in the muscle... drink plenty of water and those toxins will eventually end up in the external landfill (or waterfill, or whatever you call your porcelain kahuna). 

The tennis ball routine also works, I'm told, on shoulders, backs, etc. by backing up into a wall (you yourself, not in a car) and letting the pressure of the wall roll the ball around on your body as you lean against the wall and move to manipulate it.  Tennis ball, baseball, golf ball, it's not the size that matters, but how you use it.  Okay, beach balls won't work, I guess.  Has to be hard and round (like my head, sometimes). 

Lesson to be learned here? 

For me:  don't stand on concrete for a street fair 12 hours, clean out the garage the next day in 90-degree heat, then hit a bucket of 99 golf balls the next day after that --  without taking full assessment of what you're about to do, then prepping adequately for it. Warming up and stretching properly would have likely kept the pain from rearing its ugly head and playing ping-pong with my sciatic nerve.

Good thing is... it's temporary. 

Our "Links" section has a great link to a website -- -- that's right, "dot name".  On that site you'll find stretches for every fathomable sport you can imagine doing (well, maybe except for skydiving).  I may not be able to swing a golf club tomorrow night, or a tennis racquet Thursday evening, or swing the bat Saturday morning... but maybe next week I can. 

I'll be consulting that stretching website a lot more from here on, since I just turned 21... for the 34th time. 

Be good... be well... and play like you mean it!

See you 'round the courts, courses, playgrounds and fields, fully warmed-up I hope!