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Posted by K.C. Frogge on January 13, 2012 at 5:05 PM

Happy New Year, Everyone! 

We've got something really perfect for the new year... and it's FREE! 

Join Nathalie Huerta, the owner and head fitness trainer at The Perfect Sidekick on either Friday, January 20th from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, or Saturday, January 21st from 1:00 to 2:30 PM for a fitness training seminar designed just for PlayDays members... held at The Perfect Sidekick facilities at Jack London Square, we're going to explore just what fitness training is, how you can use even one training session to boost (and bust) your move into the new year in your own home, and we'll all receive individualized training tips from Nathalie herself. 

All you need to do is sign up!  E-mail me at [email protected] to reserve your spot, as they are going fast).  Check the "Calendar" for either day and all the info is right there!  I'll be at both the Friday and Saturday events, so come join me as I make my dive into personal training (I'm retaining TPS to coach me back to sanity), and they'll offer you a "perfect" discount if you decide it's just for you!

From the "THIS WILL REALLY BOWL YOU OVER" department: 

Our fabulous Play Pal, Kara, who you likely know from softball and tennis, is our BOWLING COORDINATOR, and she's put togther some fab bowling days already... so if you're into bowling (and I know there are many of you who either have bowled or would like to), watch out for Kara's bowling event announcements.  They usually bowl at Alameda's AMF South Shore Lanes at Park and Shoreline... and the last event drew 16 women, so you know it's going to be fun!

From the "WHERE AM I?" department:

Just the other day, I was feeling a bit confused because my mental compass was telling me we live in L.A., not the Bay Area... because the weather we've been experiencing is more like Tujunga than Temescal... more like Anaheim than Alameda... more like... oh heck, I'm sure you get it.  Temps in the '60s in JANUARY fer cryin' out loud! 

It's confusing because we're in this "winter mindset" that says we can't schedule outdoor activities... or CAN we?  I've wanted to schedule some outdoor items, but like the eternal metaphor, just when you've "washed that car," it starts to rain.  Jinx, maybe? 

Now that the holidays are over and everyone's over that "Thanksgiving-to-New Year's Royal-Gorge-Yourself Eat-a-thon", you'd think scheduling a bike ride in weather like this would be fabulous. 

I thought about it... even twice... and then our own co-coordinator and Play Pal member Becky got totally burned out of her apartment at the complex where we play ping-pong and pool (and tennis when it's nice).  Holy cow!  They turned the Rec Center into the temporary Leasing Office, and Becky says when they're done cleaning up the real leasing office, we can have the Rec Center back for our hearty and fast games of ping-pong. 

I'm happy to report to all of you that Becky has been moved into her new apartment (same complex, different building), and because of the fantastic generosity of friends and strangers alike, she's got all the furniture and household things she needs for a great new chapter... THANK YOU to all of you Play Pals for donating your muscle for moving her in, your donations of all things necessary to function in a modern society, and for your financial contributions and just plain well-wishes to keep her going!  Becky wants to personally thank all of you who helped in this time of need for her, so you'll be hearing from her soon. 

In the meantime, getting back to warm L.A.-style weather, I'd thought about scheduling something during this "beach-blanket barometer" temp-a-cheer, and now it looks like rain may be coming next week.  Drat!  But if the weather is still somewhat cooperative, would anyone like to go for a leisure bike ride on Bay Farm Island (a longer one than before, say about 5 miles?)  Let me know if you're up for it. 

And, who's in the mood for another round of "Danz Urasoff," the fun fitness dance that gets you dancin' to your favorite hits from the '60s to the '00s over 5 hours of "drop-in, tune-in, movin', groovin' and heart-pumpin'" vibes at the Sandpiper Community Clubhouse in San Leandro?  It's always FREE if you like (donations from the sales of our bottled water and diet caffeine/no-caffeine sodas help fund the dance, as well as donations to our "keep it going" box if you care to donate these days).  If I hear enough "let's do it" comments, I'll set up another one before Spring. 

Until later, let's hope for more sunshine and 60's temps (with a maybe rain at night sprinkled in to alleviate a drought).

-- K.C.

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