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Posted by K.C. Frogge on August 11, 2011 at 2:25 PM

It's said that if you exercise three times a week, you're doing alright.  We give you four a week if you like 'em all.  Check our "Calendar" (click the yellow link above) for detailed information on each event.  Please e-mail K.C. at [email protected] if you plan to come to any of our PlayDays events and would like some instructional coaching, and we'll make sure someone is there to help you!

Some people ask why we have most of our events in Alameda.  It just turns out that Alameda is easy to get to from almost any East Bay city (centralized north to south), and it's known for its safe environments, access to clean parks and beaches, free parking, and friendly inhabitants.  When you feel safer and more welcome, you're more likely to participate in activities in those places.  And with the exception of the golf range, all activities are FREE!  (The only expense at the range are the inexpensive buckets of balls (see below)... the range itself is free from fees.)

Mondays -- Golf Practice at Chuck Corica Driving Range, Alameda (bucket prices:  $5 for 33 balls, $7 for 66 balls and $9 for 99 balls -- best deal for two is split a large bucket so each has 44-45 balls for $4.40 each!)  Loaner clubs are also available for those without... see the range office attendant and ask for a short iron (7 to 9), a mid-iron (5 or 6), and a driver (1 to 3) for best overall comprehensive results. 

K.C. and others are available for informal instruction... you'll get help with stretching techniques for no-pain practice, proper grip, body alignment, stance, understanding the differences between club numbers and clubface angles, and how different body parts play key roles in a smooth swing and forward trajectory.  All beginners welcome, advanced players come and work on your swing with us... or even volunteer to "coach" as you go.  

Tuesdays:  Ping-Pong and Billiards at South Shore Beach & Tennis Club.  Did you know table tennis (ping-pong) is a terrific workout if you learn to sustain rallies back and forth?  One can burn up to 800 calories an hour in a spirited match, and it's not uncommon for perspiration to break out on even moderate movement.  This is a good thing for everyone who wants a bit of cardio in a leisure workout.  We have 6 nice red/black smooth rubber-face paddles and plenty of balls for everyone who comes to play with us at this beautiful recreation center in Alameda near Crown Beach. 

Thursdays:  Tennis and Basketball at South Shore Beach & Tennis Club.  At the same complex where we play Tuesdays for ping-pong, there is also a fairly nice four-court tennis complex plus a separate two-goal basketball-only court for getting your game on.  From total beginners to experienced tournament players, there's someone for everyone to play with.  We also have two very experienced teacher/players who will be happy to show you the ropes (er, racquets) of the game, and teach you how to hit a consistent forehand or backhand stroke and return the ball over the net and keep it in play.  We have two players who were total beginners a few weeks ago, and they're now playing pretty respectable full-game/set matches with our group.  And, tennis is a great way to get good cardio workouts while playing a fun activity, and it does't feel like it's a workout, either, when you're having a great time. 

Saturdays:  Softball Scrimmage at Crown Beach Meadow, Alameda.  There's a nice, big grassy meadow right next to Lower Washington Park where we lay down our bases, pitching rubber and home plate, and enjoy "stretching it out" to play catch, practice fielding grounders and flies from our experienced "coaches", and then take turns having batting practice with live pitching (slow-pitch softball).  Each player gets 10 legitimate hits (foul balls don't count) before re-taking a field position and the next player coming in to bat.  It's a great way to keep your skills fresh.  Again, if you're a beginner, we'll also be glad to coach you in the fundamentals of throwing, catching, fielding and batting... believe me, we've had rank beginners who can now throw well, catch without dropping the ball, and hit with accuracy... whoever said an old dog can't learn new tricks hasn't been to PlayDays softball (or any of our other activities!).

We also have other activities on a less-frequent but still regular basis.  Our recent Danz Urasoff 2 (fun fitness dance) on July 24th was a huge success and we look forward to having Danz Urasoff 3 sometime in October.  There will be more leisure bike rides to come this fall (our last being the Alameda Victorian Homes Bike Tour back in November 2010). 

There will be SWIMMING during the "Indian Summer" months (SEPT/OCT) as well. The East Bay Pride Picnic coming up on August 20th, (organized by GLOBE and Lavender Seniors and sponsored by, among others, KCF Designs), is a fun way to get in some beach swimming and enjoy networking and meeting new friends.  That will be one day when we have two events, softball and swimming, and as there will be a choice, we'll have co-coordinators for each one so you can choose what you like. 

(The Pride Picnic has reserved the entire shelterhouse at Cull Canyon in Castro Valley -- part of the East Bay Regional Park Network -- and it's $3.50 for entrance to the swim park... parking for your car is free.) 

There's been talk of a "beach volleyball" game at Crown Beach, so we'll also be looking at planning a special picnic and volleyball game in the near future.  If you have other suggestions on activities that would be of interest to women 40+, I look forward to your suggestions... e-mail K.C. at [email protected] with your comments. 

We look forward to seeing you... many of our Play Pals are now great friends, but we never knew one another before our association and participation with PlayDays. 

"A body in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside force." -- Sir Isaac Newton

("That outside force is lethargy and laziness."  -- K.C.)

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Reply Rome
10:09 PM on September 13, 2011 
Hey! Xequina and I came to Alameda, to the South Shore Beach &
Tennis apt complex, looking for y'all on Tuesday for ping pong -
we were there at 4, then we came back at 6 - but nobody else
showed up. Boo hoo! Are Tuesday ping-pong gatherings still
happening? And is the time 4-6 pm? Hope so!
Reply Jennie
6:50 PM on October 18, 2011 
Rome says...
Hey! Xequina and I came to Alameda, to the South Shore Beach &
Tennis apt complex, looking for y'all on Tuesday for ping pong -
we were there at 4, then we came back at 6 - but nobody else
showed up. Boo hoo! Are Tuesday ping-pong gatherings still
happening? And is the time 4-6 pm? Hope so!

What a shame! If you click on the event under "Upcoming Events," you'll see there's a glitch with event times, and that ping pong is actually 7-9PM. I hope you try again; it is really fun!