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Browse down through all our categories to find resources to help you make the most of your healthy lifestyle with sound nutrition and fitness information, park and playground information and maps, sunrise and sunset tables for the San Francisco Bay Area, and other pertinent sites to enhance your daily routine. 

  • Links to magazines and publications which focus on health and wellness, fitness trends and workouts, and generally optimizing the benefits of incorporating health-wise tips into one's busy daily routine.

  • Links to fitness trainersfor women, coaching sites which give printed or video instruction on techniques, rules and tips on playing a particular game or activity, and other "how-to" apply fitness, health and exercise in motion.

  • This category is the for the "foodie" in all of us, but with a healthier slant. Featured are several magazines that concentrate on healthy lifestyles and recipes, which can even include down-home cooking with a few tweaks to keep it delicious but less impacting health-wise. Also featured are several favorite recipe websites, which links are to their more healthy sections... you can, of course, click on the site's logo in the upper-left corner to go to the entire site and choose something more decadent if you choose, but the healthy recipes are good enough you might not want to go elsewhere!

  • Magazines, publications, and blogs which focus solely on women's sports and athletics. Many are up-to-date, and a few are periodic. Most are great resources for inspiration.

  • Links to local and regional parks and playgrounds, public golf courses, and other physical resources where we can stretch it out and enjoy the outdoor play experience.

  • Links to Bay Area organizations and groups who promote a specific sport or activity. They are independently operated and not affiliated with PlayDays, but we are happy to carry their links and calendar their events in the interest of health and fitness for all of our members.

  • Links to organizations and groups which promote sports or activities to women and are not located in the Bay Area... good resource for travel, etc.

  • Links to sporting associations so members who play specific sports can find larger activities going on if they are intent on raising their game level to more competitive play.

  • Links to instant weather data to plan your outdoor activity, whether it's tomorrow or next week. Also a sunrise-sunset table to play day and nighttime activities. Includes many tools and informational devices to effectively plan well ahead of time.

  • Links to optimum offers, dynamite deals, and special savings on things that may be important to you.

  • Links to business and/or other websites owned or managed by our members. Please feel free to send K.C. an e-mail with pertinent details like website URL, 25-word max description. A thumbnail of your site's home page will appear with its name and description. To send e-mail to K.C., click on "Members," then click member name and "Send E-mail" to compose and send e-mail.