Play Time...It's not just for kids anymore!


This is a list of all potential parks and playgrounds which may be a good fit for our group... feel free to suggest as many more as you are aware of that we should consider, keeping in mind their ease of accessibility by car and public transit, and whether there is ample parking close-by for those who drive. 

If you know of a school with a great playfield (including a softball diamond with backstop and real dirt infield) that would be great for dodgeball, kickball, football, soccer, frisbee, etc., and you could check to see if the school administrators would allow private citizen play on it -- pledging to them, of course, that we are a responsible group of over-40 women who care about taking care of things and would leave the place as we found it and would take responsibility for our own aches and pains and not blame the field or location -- they just might be open and willing to let us play on their school fields.  So here's the first few parks I can think of, most of which are in Alameda because I use Alameda as my playground most of the time: 

WASHINGTON PARK (LOWER), Eighth and Central, Alameda 94501.  Lower Washington Park is about 150 yards down along Eighth Street from Central, along the palm tree strip on the street.  Park is on the right after passing the children's playground. 

Amenities:  softball field (infield frequently closed due to striping and pending games), large open field space, 6 enclosed tennis courts, clean restroom, working water fountains.  

WASHINGTON PARK (UPPER), Eighth and Central, Alameda 94501. Upper Washington Park is the park right on the corner of Eighth and Central.  It has two full basketball courts (asphalt) with full netted goals, a volleyball court with net poles (bring your own net), full baseball/softball field (which is usually closed entirely by Alameda Park & Rec (AP&R) for whatever reason I don't know, but I'll check with AP&R to see if they could relax restrictions if they knew we wouldn't tear it up for our workouts.  They also have fabulous picnic grounds with multiple tables and BBQ grills, including one GYNORMOUS adjustable grill on the side closest to Lower Washington Park, available first-come, first-served to the earliest camper (we should do this sometime!).  There are also fabulous huge shade trees for those "bring your own lunch" gatherings that we could walk up to and enjoy lunch after one of our Lower Park workouts.

CHUCK CORICA GOLF COMPLEX, 1 Clubhouse Memorial Drive, Alameda, CA 94502, (510) 474-4800.  This course is one of the nicest municipal courses in the Bay Area.  With two 18-hole championship courses and one short 9-hole practice course, a 47-stall driving range with 20 covered stalls, all lighted at night, and a great onsite restaurant, "Jim's at the Course", it's a nice place to play golf, practice your skills and enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful parklike setting.  We will have many driving range practices at this course since there seems to be room for just about everyone who comes and little wait, if any, for a practice stall.  Buy buckets of balls from the range office:  $5 for 33, $7 for 66 and $9 for 99.  

(I'll add more parks later as I can get to a list later this afternoon.  Let's hear your suggestions as well... thanks!)