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SOFTBALL -- Coaching & "How-To" Videos

Here's a great list of video links you can copy and paste into your browser to access coaching tips in several basic skills for enjoying our days playing softball.  Watch and learn from some of these instructional videos and you will soon be hammering the ball and giving your fielders a good workout chasing all your great hits.  These instructional videos are easily geared towards beginning hitters and will also provide experienced hitters with fundamental reminders of what makes a good hitter.  


Softball Hitting : How Rotational Power is Generated by the Hips:


Softball Tips : About Softball Batting Techniques




Softball Batting Skills - Bat Selection and Grip 


Softball Batting Skills - Stance 


Softball Batting Skills - The Swing

Softball Throwing Mechanics - Grips and Releases


Softball Throwing Mechanics - Gloveside and Lower Body 


Softball Fielding Skills - Ready Positions and Approaches 

Softball Fielding Skills - The Backhand 


This video series is also on our "Coaching Tips" category in our "LINKS" section, as "SOFTBALL BASICS - HITTING, THROWING, FIELDING"