Play Time...It's not just for kids anymore!


This is a list of popular dance songs I'd love to acquire for a workout "library" of dance music.  The songs range from the timeline of the mid-1970s through the mid-1990s.  If you have any of these songs and could either (1) burn them to a CD or (2) send them to me as attachments to an e-mail, that would help us save money in acquiring these songs.

Please contact K.C. at if you have any of these and would like to share them with the group, and e-mail first before sending them so I won't confuse an e-mail with attachments as a potential virus with spam. 



GUESS WHAT, LADIES?  We GOT our wish... all the songs on our Wish List have been donated by our participants and/or purchased on Amazon with generous help from several people... THANK YOU!


If you have a song you'd love to see on our playlist, please e-mail and make a request.  We'll see if anyone has it!